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budget-weddings-minister-withbadgeFab Weddings on a Budget
Location: Twin Cities and Beyond, MN
Number of Officiants: 8+
Motto: Your Wedding, Your Way!
Website: www.budgetweddings.info

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We are wedding professionals who make possible fabulous weddings on very reasonable budgets. We believe the bride should not be limping without an an arm and a leg after paying for the wedding expenses… To make your life easy, we aim to offer various service packages, available at our location or yours, however, you may choose any one service or any combination: officiant (minister), photographer, ceremony music (mini DJ), florist, planner, speech writer, and/or our wedding garden in Rosemont.

We are all passionate about helping to make weddings beautiful, memorable, and affordable events. We started in 2004 out of our own frustration in dealing with the “wedding industry”: you must do this, you must buy all that, you cannot have the other… oh, and by the way, it only costs a billion.

Our services are priced to what we feel is a fair charge for the time we put in and our relatively low overhead costs. We’re happy to meet with you as much as you need. Each service we offer is staffed by several professionals we you can rest assured that we’ll be there, no matter what life brings between now and your wedding day… peace of mind that others cannot offer.

Moreover, while we’re always ready to share with you from our experience and give you our advice based on the experience of several hundred weddings, we also believe that your wedding should reflect your wishes and personalities, so, short of committing a misdemeanor, we’ll do whatever you want for your wedding. Whether you want a pious or a pagan ceremony, dignified pictures or downright wacky, traditional readings or modern poems, or want your recessional to be something by Snoop Dog, hey, we’re here for you, and just for you! Thy wish is our command!!

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