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milbernsLogoMilbern Clothing Company Inc.
1685 University Ave, St. Paul, MN
Phone: (651) 645-2922

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“Quality at a Discount” and Personal Service have been the hallmarks of Milbern Clothing from the beginning.  By eliminating the middleman and buying direct from the manufacturer, we are able to SELL for LESS.  Visit our local retail store, or order directly from our online website.  Either way, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

• Wide Range of Sizes, Including Big and Tall, Portly, Extra Short, and Athletic Fit.
• Personalized Service
• National Branded and Private Label Clothing at 30-50% off everyday.
• Serving Customers in St. Paul/Minneapolis and Worldwide for Over 53 Years.
• Convenient St. Paul Location.
• Order Online
• Guaranteed Satisfaction; “We Guarantee It!”
• Save More – No Sales Tax on Clothing!

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One Comment

  1. My husband and I were married in September 2012.
    We went to Milbern to check out their selection. Their prices were GREAT, and we were REALLY impressed with the individual attention and help of the staff! Our salesman, Mark, was just wonderful, and he made sure that my husbands suit, shirt, shoes, and tie, all matched the wedding colors I had picked out. They did a FANTASTIC job… and the best thing? My husband owns his suit, and can wear it for other occasions too!
    Don’t waste your time at some large “warehouse” store… if you do, good luck trying to get the personalized attention there!

    I give Milbern an ‘A’ for their prices and customer service! =)

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