Tim Patrick and His Blue Eyes Band

timsmallTim Patrick and His Blue Eyes Band
Website: www.timpatrickmusic.com

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“A Wonderful Singer!”
Tim Patrick is a dynamic Sinatra-style singer who performs regularly in the Twin Cities area with his swingin’ Blue Eyes Band. Along with popular music from many different eras, the Great American Songbook forms much of Tim and the Blue Eyes repertoire. Tim loves to perform at weddings, for dancers and listeners of all ages, and he often hosts a variety of talented guest singers at many of his regular venues.

“A Great Band!”blue-eyes-band(bw)
Under the direction of Todd “Toddfather” Matheson, the Blue EyesBand backs up Tim with skill, swing, and verve! Different configurations of the band are available, from smaller groups for more intimate occasions, to an exciting and brassy 10 piece big-band.

Tim Patrick and his Blue Eyes Band were featured on Twin Cities Live on November 21, 2012:

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