Jawaahir Dance Company

Jawaahir Dance Company
Performing Belly Dancers & Dance Lessons

Website: www.jawaahir.org


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Jawaahir Dance Company has belly dancers available to perform at your wedding reception, and belly dance lessons are available to book for your bachelorette party.  Please contact us for more details!

jawaahirQuoteJawaahir, which means “jewels” in Arabic, is one of only three professional Middle Eastern dance companies in the Midwest, and has a worldwide reputation for excellence. Jawaahir Dance Company was formed in 1989 by Artistic Director Cassandra Shore. Cassandra began performing Middle Eastern dance in 1975 and has since made over a dozen research trips to the Middle East. Today, she is known as a master teacher, star performer, and creative artist in the field of Middle Eastern dance.

Welcome to the world of Middle Eastern dance, also known as Belly Dance. In Egypt it is called Raks Sharki meaning “Dance of the East” or “Oriental Dance.” It is a very old dance form, perhaps 5,000 years, which traditionally adorns celebrations and weddings in the Middle East. Oriental Dance today, combines elements of dance from along the “Silk Route” — Persia, India, the Middle East, and North Africa.
The dance is vigorous and playful at one end of the spectrum, and subtle and sensual at the other. But the essence of oriental dance is the music, and the heart is the drum. This traditional woman’s solo is an improvisation to the music in which the dancer uses her body to create a visual and emotional interpretation of the music. Though there are traditional steps and/or movements that are associated with oriental dance, how the dancer uses these tools to interpret the music comes from her heart. – Jawaahir Dance Company

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