Alternative Ideas to Veils

Author: Rosallee Scott,
Source: Yahoo! Contributor Network
Date: May 24, 2010


If you are planning a nontraditional wedding, alternative beauty and fashion ideas do not have to be hard to find. Veils themselves can be made unique and different by having them made with unexpected colors or beading. If you want to toss the veil ideas altogether, find a hair accessory that match the theme of your ceremony as well as your style.

A bride is a princess, even if for a day. Instead of the clear crystal or glass tiaras found in bridal shops, have one made with colored jewels and gemstones. Create a pattern that showcases the outline of your family crest or birthstones of those in your family and friendship circle.

Barrettes and Combs
Skip the bridal shop once again and search vintage shops, pawn shops and thrift stores for the perfect hair accessory. Go really funky and use a bunch of little girl’s barrettes in the shapes of your favorite animals or symbols.

Tie a scarf around your head for mystery to create a custom hood. Use your grandmother’s favorite lace or crocheted shawl as an alternative to a veil and pin it under your chin.

Hats literally come in all shapes in sizes. From cowgirl hats to feathered swinger cabaret numbers, you are sure to find one to fit your wedding dress and your ceremony theme.

Hair Beads
Forgo any hair coverings and opt for a bridal hairstyle that is beaded. Have colorful beads, or pearls, braided right into your up-do or flowing tresses. Other alternatives to veils that can be woven right into your hair are feathers, chains or flowers that match your bouquet.

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