DIY Outdoor Summer Wedding Centerpieces

Author: Rosallee Scott
Source: Yahoo! Contributor Network
Date: Mar 16, 2009


When planning an outdoor summer wedding on a budget, it’s a good idea to look into do-it-yourself decorating projects. This article will show you three options for diy wedding centerpieces based on the popular themes of Renaissance, Hippie and Beach.

Summer Wedding Centerpiece- Renaissance
If you are planning on having an outdoor reception with a Renaissance theme, like as discussed in this article How to Plan an Outdoor Renaissance Wedding Than the order of the day should be princess like in nature.

1. Buy round rubber/plastic Jello molds. They come with many different designs.
2. Fill it up with water the night before and add some red rose petals before freezing it.
3. Right before the food service starts, take your molds out of the freezer and soak it in warm water until the sides separate a little and the ice mold slides out easy.
4. Place it on a plate, lay some chain-mail and rosebuds around it and add some roses in the center of it.
5. You could also use this as an edible decoration by making it a serving dish to keep dips or other condiments cold. Read the first section of the article How to Make Plastic Spoon Trays on how to use it as an Oyster appetizer sampler dish.

When choosing your decorations, don’t forget your to research some tips on the period for your bridal party as well. Read How to Apply Renaissance Makeup for DIY makeup tips and other resources for the day.

Summer Wedding Centerpiece-Hippie
When throwing a flower power celebration of your vows, like in How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding with a Hippie Theme you need to create decorations for your reception that reflect the fun mood of the day. Here’s an idea to get you started:

1. Buy pillar candles of every color of the rainbow, place them in appropriate candle holders.
2. Create wreathes of flowers and ribbons to go around the candle holders (preferably of the same ones that you and your bridal party wear in your hair. Read How to Make Cute Hair Bows for a Flower Girl for another great idea for hairdos

Simple and lovely center table decorations in two easy steps! To continue the peace into your marriage read How to Build a House and Home as Newlyweds for great advice on keeping the love going on into your home.

Summer Wedding Centerpiece-Beach
Having a Luau is a great way to celebrate your vows with an outdoor ceremony and reception as shown in this article How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding with a Beach Theme Keeping it light and airy; here a few steps to decorating the center of the tables. (For more great ideas read How to Make Beach Party Themed Decorations)

1. Fill up a few clear glass bowls with water.
2. Add some sea glass and/or seashells to the bottom of the bowl.
3. Put in a few fun elements such as a mermaid and merman lying together at the bottom.
4. Throw some floating candles and/or exotic flower petals on top.

You could also have the decorations do double duty by placing a card box on the center of every table. Just decoupage the whole thing with beach scenes (either fun or romantic depending on the mood you are trying to create). Here’s how to make them: How to Make Bridal Gift Card Boxes

No matter what theme you have, learning how to make your own summer wedding centerpieces will not only save on your budget; they will also give you as sense of pride knowing that you helped to create the fun and loving atmosphere yourself.

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