What is Pre-Marriage Counseling?

By Rosallee Scott, eHow Contributor
Article Source: www.ehow.com

In order to help prevent the many conflicts a married couple can face, many couples choose to attend pre marriage counseling before saying “I do.” The practice has been embraced by many Christian churches for some time and is recommended by many mainstream premarital counselors as well based on the theory that if you talk about the common issues that could cause discord before they happen, you can resolve any disagreements before they arise.


  • You will discuss what your goals are, individually and collectively as a couple. This is to make sure you are on the same page, or at least in the same book, about where you will be in five, ten or more years together.


  • After discussing your goals, setting up a financial plan for reaching them may also come into play. Things such as who will take care of the finances and what contribution to meeting the goals are expected from each person are things that will be talked about with a premarital counselor.


  • Discussing your personal parenting philosophies can be a big part of pre marriage counseling. Differences in child-rearing is right up there with money troubles when it comes to fighting among married couples.


  • A major part of talking things out before getting married is also receiving advice on how to deal with disagreements down the road. Things change and people can change their philosophies and dreams about life.


  • After they open the lines of communication, many couples find other things they do not exactly see eye to eye on. Whether big or small issues, pre marriage counseling offers an avenue to deal with everything from decorating differences to holiday celebrations in a way that teaches compromise and respect for one another.

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